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Dr King Specialises in the prevention, diagnosis, investigation and treatment of
adults and the elderly who present with any of the following:

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Suicide and self-harm, Bipolar disorder, Panic disorder and panic attacks, Eating disorders, Personality disorders, Schizophrenia, Sleep disorders, Sexual disorders, Phobias, Addiction and substance abuse/dependency, Neurodevelopmental problems, Learning difficulties, Attention deficit and hyperactivity, Cognitive decline eg. Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia’s, Neuropsychiatry eg. psychiatric symptoms associated with stroke, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury and epilepsy.

For outpatient consultation, you will be seen at the rooms in Umhlanga.

For in-patient treatment, you will be hospitalised either at Nurture Umhlanga, or Akeso Umhlanga, depending on bed availability and/or your preferences